• Jennifer Schipper

The Warren County Fine Arts Council Rogue Artist Showcase 1.18.20

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The introduction of the first ever Warren County Fine Arts Council Renaissance Scholarship premiered at the Blue Anchor Coffee and Bistro in downtown Warrenton with an exclusive dining experience catered by the Rogue Underground Dining Society of St. Louis. The Rogue Artist Showcase featured art from local Warren County High School students along side art from local professional artists such as Harry Weber, Billyo O'Donnell, Marty Coulter, Bryan Haynes, Amy Jamison and Justin Fears.

The eight course gourmet rogue meal was provided by donations from local growers and producers such as shrimp from Triple J Farms, pure-bred angus beef from Kluesner Farms, Cope Grass fed ground beef, lamb from Williams Brothers meats, Venison from Bauer's Lost Creek Aussies, produce from Tony's Family Farms and wild mushrooms from Rooster's Ridge Ranch and brandy vinars were presented by an expert of the Edelbrand distillery... Along with some of their own rogue ingredients! This immersive dining experience is for adventure diners only. What happens at Rogue, stays Rogue.

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